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Every bite you take can lead you to a happier and more nourished body and mind. And it’s not about following this or that diet or taking this or that supplement. Nutrition services are evidence-based and tailored to you based on lifestyle, food preferences, and personal health goals.



Pantry Makeover

90 Minutes

A well-stocked pantry (and fridge!) can make or break or any diet. To ensure your pantry is setting you up for success, I will call out foods that are less nutritious (nutrient-poor, highly processed, have harmful ingredients, or are misleading). You don’t necessarily need to throw these foods away, but you will know that they should be enjoyed in small amounts or for special circumstances. I will encourage your healthy choices and highlight their beneficial properties. Finally, I will leave you with a list of delicious, and nutritious foods that will make meals fast, enjoyable, and healthy.


Let’s Go Grocery Shopping!

60 / 90 Minutes

Do you ever leave the grocery store confused and wondering if you’ve made good choices? Learning how to select healthy foods and looking at food labels can be daunting so let me be your guide. We will look at labels, discover delicious foods, and you will leave with tips, tricks, and the confidence that you know how select nutritious products at your local market.


Let’s Cook Together!

90 Minutes

Are you looking for hands-on experience? In the comfort of your home, let’s cook together to get inspired and learn new recipes. Feeling confident in your cooking skills is an important part of healthy living. We will review the basic utensils that are needed for your kitchen, knife skills, and prepare 2 meals and 1 snack. You will come away with everything you need to prepare healthy and delicious meals for you and your family.


Group Nutrition Workshop

60 Minutes

Is your group looking for a fun and educational activity? I offer a variety of workshops that I can deliver in your home or customize for your community group, non-profit, office, or business. Topics include but are not limited to:

Nutrition Myth Busting   Sugar Shock   9 Foods You Should Be Eating Right Now   Mindful Eating   Sports Nutrition   Dishing Diabetes


One-on-One Nutrition Coaching

Are you looking for customized nutrition help? Have you been on a yoyo cycle of dieting and moving from one diet fad to another? Do you wonder what you need to do in order to have a balanced lifestyle? One-on-one coaching with me can put you on the right track towards a healthy and delicious approach to eating. We’ll take a comprehensive look at your medical history, food and dieting history, current movement and self-care, along with a discussion of your goals, and the plan needed to achieve them. Coaching can include physical activity guidelines, meal and snack recommendations, general wellness and nutrition therapy, and recipes. 

60 Minutes
Follow Up: 60 Minutes  

Initial Assessment
60 Minute Grocery Shopping Together
60 Minute Follow Up


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ABOUT Ashley Quadros

Hello, I’m Ashley. I’m a registered dietitian nutritionist and licensed massage therapist. I want to help you find the way to a balanced relationship with eating, health, and your body.

As a nutrition professional, I have an evidence-based practice that always refers back to the science. My approach is always food first and emphasizes healthy shopping, healthy cooking, mindful eating, and body movement. As a massage therapist with a holistic approach, I understand the power of integrative wellness for body, skin, soul, and mind. To see if we would be a good fit, read more about me here.

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