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Skin Therapist, Yoga and Movement Specialist

AKA The Yoga Beauty

Christa is an inspiring Esthetician and yoga instructor whom has dedicated the past 15 years to exploring what being beautiful really means. She understands that just as no two people have the same bodies, no two people have the same skin. She customizes each treatment and  practice to meet her client’s needs. Her practice combines four elements to keep your body in balance everyday: asana (yoga practice), meditation, nutrition, and of course phenomenal self-care. Because let's face it, who doesn't want to feel beautiful inside and out.

In booking a private yoga or a facial treatment you will find a unique service aiding you in finding your journey to a balanced lifestyle. All treatments and private yoga sessions are tailored to you and what you need for your journey into discovering your own true glow, inside and out.





Yoga Instructor aka The Present Yogi


Lindsey Marshall also known as The Present Yogi was born and raised in Park City, Utah. It took 15 years, but she finally came home to Park City to pursue her love of yoga surrounded by these amazing mountains. She is the owner and founder of Eventful Yoga and she is very excited to bring her passion of yoga to your special day or event. 

Lindsey was first introduced to yoga at the age of 18 when a disk injury prevented her from walking or standing for more than five minutes at a time. In combination with a discectomy procedure Lindsey turned to yoga and witnessed its strong healing power. Years later she would travel to India and stay at an Ashram where she was reintroduced to the healing powers of yoga, both body and mind. In 2013 Lindsey completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training certification at Moksha Yoga Center in Chicago, Illinois. Since then she has completed her 85 hour prenatal certification through the Amala School of Prenatal Yoga as well as a restorative yoga certification through the Yapana Way.


Yoga Instructor


I am a passionate and caring instructor with a deep appreciation for learning, development, evolution and continued study. Over the years, I have studied and taught Pilates, TRX, group fitness, and myofascial release. Through this process, I have developed a love for studying the biomechanics of healing, which led me to enroll in Myotherapy College of Utah, from which I'll be graduating as an LMT with a specialty in deep tissue therapeutic massage in December 2018. My study and practice has shown me time and time again that movement and adaptability are huge components to healing and preventing modern illness and injury - including  physical, mental, and relational issues. Yoga and bodywork have been major components in my own healing journey, and continually are the tools that help me re-balance my body and feel good in my own skin. I am committed to using my classes and bodywork sessions as a pathway to help students tap into their natural vibrancy and vitality through unlocking their bodies, increasing mobility and athleticism, at the same time help open their minds to more free and easeful ways of moving through life. I teach to all levels, and believe that all bodies not only deserve, but are capable of feeling free, capable, intrinsically strong, and mobile, and can sustain this freedom at any age. 


Yoga Instructor

Mary Fuschillo - Yoga Instructor

Mary is a Utah based yoga instructor whose daily intention is to uplift those around her and help others to find joy in the beauty of movement. It's through yoga, meditation, and breath work that Mary finds connection with herself and with others in her community. A trained instructor through vinyasa added with a love for music, Mary provides a space for others to move with intention and in their own unique way.

Mary discovered her own yoga practice 6 years ago and recently completed a 200 hour teacher training in Los Angeles, CA where she learned the fundamentals of vinyasa yoga.

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Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
+ Mindful Epicure 


Hello! I’m Ashley and I love to eat. Cooking, eating, drinking, foodservice, and sharing my love of all things food are my blood. Looking for proof? My family is Portuguese and we come from a vibrant culture of fishing, gardening, raising animals, scratch cooking, and endless gatherings where food is the main event. Having emigrated from the Azores, my parents made their living by becoming Dunkin’ Donuts franchise owners. My brother was a Dunkin’ Donuts franchisee and my sister owns a successful distilling company. My husband is a sushi chef and I currently work as a grocery store dietitian and nutrition therapist for Everly Grace. Simply put, I was raised to love to food: cooking, baking, eating, drinking wine, and enjoying craft cocktails… all of it.

But how did the nutrition piece come in? Growing up in a Dunkin’ Donuts dynasty (and it truly was, many of my aunts and uncles are DD franchisees) you can imagine that I ate my fair share of donuts. Yup, I was an obese kid. I struggled with eating and all of the guilt and shame that comes with being overweight in our society. Fortunately, with the proper guidance and some amazing teachers and coaches, I was able to develop a healthy relationship with food and body movement.

I know what it’s like to struggle with making good food choices, but I also know how it feels to break away from the stressful eating mindset and move into mindful eating. As a mindful epicure (ie. foodie) and dietitian nutritionist, I can show you how to build a healthy and delicious relationship with food where nothing is off limits.

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Owner of CREATE 
Possibility Seeker + Life Captain


If you really knew me, you’d know I am a lover of great phrases. You know one of those people who has quotes framed in their home, on sticky notes or even scratched into my planner. I live by the phrase, ‘live on PURPOSE’. 

So, what is my purpose you ask? My purpose is to create space for others to live their best life. I am a true believer in possibility + positivity and what you put out into the universe actually will come to you. Might seem kind of out, there right? 

My goal practice has allowed me to support someone who couldn’t run 1 mile, to hold her hand crossing the finish line in multiple marathons, possibility. I also have coached many entrepreneurs who had ‘hobbies’ or passion projects turn those ideas into extremely successful businesses, possibility. 

I’m here to guide you, be honest with you, and explore what living your life enjoy this on purpose looks like. LEARN MORE