How to Adjust your Skincare Routine like your Wardrobe

'Tis the Season...the snow is falling and the weather is changing, this is perhaps one of the biggest weather changes in Park City, UT. As the weather gets colder outside we begin to turn up the heat inside, our schedule, diets, and holiday travel begin to have a big effect on our skin. So it's time to make a few changes to maintain healthy skin and overall health in the cold drier months.

Think of your skincare routine like your wardrobe, no shorts in winter, we need scarfs and jackets to keep us warm. Same goes for our skin, heavier creams, more masks and oils will help keep the healthy glow this winter. Here are a few easy tips for healthy skin and wellbeing.

1. Oil and Cream Cleansers - keep the skin balanced not dry

2. Add an extra exfoliating step into your routine - Be careful not to exfoliate too much to cause more dryness. Book a facial and make sure you are making the right skincare choices for your skin.

3. Mask - A nourishing mask 1x/per week will give the skin a boost of antioxidants and moisture

4. Oil - A facial oil will give a healthy balance to the skin. (Added steps are important in this dry climate especially if you are a skier, we must protect the skin from the harsh cold outside).

5. Take Care of your overall Wellbeing - Take care of the full body with skin brushing, baths, nourishing body oils. When we feel good we are ready to take on the world.

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