New Year's Resolution: Taking Care Of The Skin For Overall Health And Beauty

The New Year is just around the corner and it's a time to reflect on the past year as well as set new intentions for the year to come. Instead of just making a workout plan for the upcoming year, how about an overall lifestyle New Year's Resolution of: keeping the body healthy through more meditation, mindfulness, yoga and of course the magical self-care! Let's simply take better care of ourselves so we live a more balanced and less stressed lifestyle. How do we do this you might ask? It's are a few steps to start working into your routine to feel better all around.

1. MAKE HEALTHIER FOOD CHOICES: No need for another crash diet this year but enjoy the process of making food a healthier lifestyle choice. What we put in our body is just as important as what we put on our skin so choose healthier option of fruits and vegetables, clean eating. Try replacing a sugar, carb filled snack with blueberries and almonds. This snack has protein and antioxidants and is sure to give your skin an extra glowing boost.

2. STAY HYDRATED: In the winter time it is harder to stay hydrated because of the cold air, we want warmer sipping options. Drink less coffee and tea and add a hot water with lemon. I especially love this first thing in the morning before putting anything in my body. Hot Water and Lemon give a morning detox and boost of hydration before starting the day.

3. SKIN-CARE AND SELF-CAREThe skin is the largest organ of the body and about 70% of what we put on it are digested back into the body, yes, like food!!!! Use less chemicals, synthetics, fragrances and hormonal disrupters, it's time to start introducing more clean beauty into your life. Need help choosing your best routine, set up an appointment or sign up for my mailing list for monthly reminders and tips.

4. PRACTICE MORE YOGA AND MINDFUL LIVING: Start making it a point to show up to your mat everyday to reconnect. Learn to move the body as a celebration of life and not as a punishment for what we eat. When we make mindful, healthy lifestyle choices it shows up in all areas of life including exercise. Use yoga as a form of self healing and a place to learn what your body truly needs on a daily basis.

5. MEDITATION AND PRAYER: Set aside a few minutes to 30 minutes everyday to clear your head and reset. Meditation is a time to clear the clutter and allow the things we truly need and want to show up. Prayer is a time to journal and set intentions to send out good vibrations into the world of what the heart and soul desires, 

This year make your New Year's Resolution a meaningful one to stay with for a healthier, happier and more balances lifestyle! Happy Living!

Skincare 101Ali Wright