Cleansing 101: The Importance of AM and PM Cleansing

Are you over cleansing or under cleansing?

At The Yoga Beauty cleansing is an important part of the daily skin care ritual and here is WHY:

Our face is the most exposed area on the body and consequently, it ages first and needs more care than the skin on our body. With everyday exposure to the elements are skin faces: grime, pollutants, dirt, and bacteria.

How about our harsh dry climate and the amount of time we spend outdoors. Sweat, natural oil, product, sunscreen and even makeup we put on throughout the day needs to be removed at the end. I like to think of it as wash away the day. You don't want it sitting in your pores overnight and the free radicals and the grime causing more problems than needed. So here is how to make cleaning enjoyable and a feel good experience especially, after a long day.

AM Cleansing:

Use a gentle cleanser in the am to remove the pillow grime. Yes, unless you wash your pillow cases nightly there is oil and product build up and the skin naturally detoxes while you sleep. I recommend the Gentle Exfoliation or the Milk Cleansing in the am to prep the skin for the day.

PM Double Cleansing:

It's critical to remove the impurities from the day so we don't sleep with dirt, grime, and bacteria and let that sink deep into the pores. After removing your organic makeup (use coconut oil) start with an the oil cleansing. Massage the oil cleaning into the skin for at least 30 seconds and rinse with warm water. The first oil cleanse melts away the build up from the day. The second cleanse is important to cleanse the skin and clean dirt and oil build up in the pores so it does not settle over night.

Remember, to make this fun! Cleansing and taking car of your skin should make you feel good and don't forgot to make sure you are using organic ingredients. Cleansing and self-care is important for our body and soul and you will be glad you did years to come.  

Questions about your cleaning routine? Book a facial or send me an email...HAPPY CLEANSING!

TYB TipsAli Wright