Before and After Facial Care

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1. Don't Prep the skin

No need to use exfoliants or especially harsh chemicals before  the facial session. You will get the full treatment especially at The Yoga Beauty (TYB).

2. Take it EASY!

It is recommended to take time for Self-Care before and after the facial. Enjoy time for meditation or a warm bath with epsom salt and essential oils. 

3. Come with Dirty Hair

Yes, I said it, it's okay to come with dirty hair. In a 60 minute and more enjoy the scalp massage. So much stress is carried in the shoulders, neck, and face muscles so enjoy some extra TLC. 


1. Don't Wash your Face

Keep all of the nutrients and moisture in the skin. If you need to shower tilt your head back and wash your hair! Hats are also great for after facial treatments.

2. Give your Skin and Body a Break

Don't use harsh chemicals on the skin. The skin Care Industry is changing and less is more: less, chemicals and ingredients. Healthy skin is beautiful skin.

3. Stay out of the Sun

Chemical free sunscreens and hats are ideal if you had a morning or mid day treatment. 

4. Fresh Face

No Make-up needed! Make-up has some of the most ugly ingredients! Give your skin a break from makeup and start looking at healthier options for your cosmetics. Remember less is more and with regular facial appointments your skin will stay balanced and maintain a healthy glow.

5. Take it Easy

Enjoy the feeling of being relaxed and connected with yourself. We can only take care of others if we learn to take care of ourselves first. 

TYB TipsAli Wright