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The Whole Story Behind Healthy Skin

At Everly Grace Whole Beauty, there’s a clear reason we included the word WHOLE in our name. Beauty isn’t just following every step of skin care routine and treating symptoms (acne, dry skin, oily skin etc.) as they arise. Whole beauty is about our diet, stress level, hormones, activity level and mental health. It takes more than applying serums and moisturizers to have healthy skin and a healthy mind.

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Your Skin Microbiome

Just like our gut, our skin has a microbiome, a complex collection of bacteria that’s serves as a basis for healthy, radiant skin. On the blog this month, we’re talking about microbiomes. From over washing (not good) to exfoliating (good) there’s a fine balance to achieve when caring for your skin’s bacteria.

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Winter Skin Care

Winter weather strips your skin of moisture and of its natural, moisturizing oils. Heating your home, removes moisture from the air, making your home environment dryer. Those cozy hot shower, hot tub sessions and baths also drain the skin of natural moisture and oils. That ski lift, winter show shoe adventure or hike can also have winds and winter sun that effect the skins’ natural balance.

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